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Vintage 1920's Stained Glass Leaded Steel Window Spanish Tudor Medieval Style

Vintage 1920's Stained Glass Leaded Steel Window Spanish Tudor Medieval Style

Vintage 1920's Stained Glass Leaded Steel Window Spanish Tudor Medieval Style

Incredible steel casement, hand painted, stained glass leaded window in the Spanish/Tudor Style. We recognize these windows to be made no later than the 1920's because of the experienced craftsmanship that was so highly sought after during the time. You can see the amount of time and detail in the hand painted designs portraying medieval scenes. The background crests are cut out of red glass and the scene is hand painted. This beautiful design shows a Calvary soldier mounted on a horse while holding a spear out in front of him. What truly makes this window unique is the detail horse tail and the lunging rabbit behind him. This is an unique scene because both objects seem to be in action almost telling a story. They are also delicately hand painted with a touch of amber. I took photos of the back of the glass to show the spots of blue/ discoloration which is the amber paint on the reverse side. A craftsman does this layer first so the sun shows the amber color through the lines which takes a lot of time and meticulous skill. This window is made into a steel frame without hinges or handles so it can be encased into the wall.

Everything about this window is original but unfortunately is missing a chunk out of the middle. Otherwise this window is in good condition. There have been major breaking in some clear Glass panels but from experience those can easily be replaced. All details I tried to include with updated photos. After close examination it seems like this theme matches one other window which portrays an elegant lady riding a horse and next to her sits a rabbit on a stump. It is available in separate auction.

It measures 18 inches wide by 49 inches tall

The white painted frame is the exterior side of the window. The leading is so meticulous and each panel of glass is colored or wavy and precisely cut to form an elegant pattern these photos can not truly portray its quality. There are 7 other stained glass windows up for separate auction. Most come with original bronze hinges and handles. Each has a medieval, hand painted design portraying scenes of elegant women, knights, griffins or horses.These themes with knights and crests were very common in depicting a family's European Heraldry. This leads us to believe these windows are tied to the ancient arms of the great Mediaeval magnates whose territorial honours were exemplified through the art of stained glass.

• All items are salvaged by Eric's Architectural Salvage located at 1540 W. 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90017. Please view our other listings and contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you!

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